Our Mission

Abaca was founded to unlock modern financial services for one of the largest underserved industries in America - cannabis. Cannabis is now legal for medical or recreational use in over 30 states, yet it remains difficult for businesses and consumers to access or utilize basic financial services. As a result, business largely remains cash based and high friction. Abaca offers cannabis, CBD, and hemp businesses access to financial services, such as business accounts and electronic payment options. We are committed to evolving the industry with access to new financial options and better services.

Founding Team 


Dan Roda

Chief Legal & Executive Officer

Dan is an attorney with private and corporate in-house legal experience. Prior to entering the cannabis undustry, Dan worked in legal practice areas including banking, finance, and securities regulation. Dan is also vice president of the Arkansas Cannabis Industry Association.



Greg Ellis

Chief Technology Officer

Greg has 25+ years experience in banking and building risk management technology. Greg has launched multiple successful technology ventures in financial services, and is responsible for Abaca’s onshore and offshore development teams, as well as all internal tech and data security initiatives.



John Foley

Chief Financial & Compliance Officer

John is a former community bank president with over 25 years of experience with commercial lending and private accounts at institutions large and small across the US. John oversees Abaca’s vendor management, KYC, and other due diligence programs and protocols.



Brian Bauer

Chief Strategy Officer

Brian is a financial technology professional and US Navy veteran. He has worked sourcing FinTech innovation for community banks and a Fortune 500 in a successful accelerator program, giving him unique visibility into the latest emerging FinTech, RegTech, and other bank tech.


Reed Lewallen • Sales Director • Reed@AbacaBanc.com

Paul Good • Sales Associate • Paul@AbacaBanc.com

Paige Lee • Accounts Coordinator • Accounts@AbacaBanc.com